Séura is a designer technology company that designs and builds SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Outdoor TVs and Lighted Mirrors for modern homes, hotels, and other commercial venues. Séura was founded in 2003 by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson, who set out to bridge the gap between technology and design.



Séura’s video viewing and mirrored solutions can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space – in every room of the home. With a customer centric approach that drives its solution-based products, Séura delivers unsurpassed visual entertainment in surprisingly innovative and elegant ways to achieve the perfect harmony of technology and design.

 Founded in 2003, Séura delivers innovative visual entertainment in surprisingly elegant ways and does so with a customer centric approach that drives its solution-based products. Séura engineers and manufactures products in its own Wisconsin facility, allowing for better quality control, better customer support, and a better hand on the products delivered each and every day. Expectations are surpassed with their professional customer support teams that are legendary for enhancing the entire customer experience from start to finish.  Séura continues to chart a path for its products to new and unexplored territory.

With innovation at the heart of the business, Séura continues to drive its products to new and unexplored territories. Every product is engineered and hand-crafted in Séura’s facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Innovative and green-conscious, Séura continues to grow its products and partnerships.

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