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Screen Innovations® was founded in Ryan Gustafson’s garage for one purpose, to completely change the projection landscape. We wanted everyone to be able to own the projection experience not matter what your room environment or budget allowed.

Our entire purpose has always been do drive the two-piece projection industry farther than it has ever gone before and in so doing, we knew that we must develop an excellent set of tools to aid end users and dealers alike in the decision making and installation process. In 2006, we introduced the worlds very first Screen Wizard tool, allowing individuals to calculate the exact recommended materials in seconds.

In early 2008, after years of research and development, Ryan Gustafson introduced a never before seen technology to the two-piece projection industry called Black Diamond®. Little did he know that he would literally be changing the entire landscape of projection for the first time in over 100 years.

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Since it’s inception, SI has been the fasted growing projection screen company every single year. In 2010, we officially launched our global presence bringing SI to an astounding 60 countries world-wide.