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Coastal Source

Coastal Source is an innovative manufacturer of high performance outdoor lighting and audio systems with an emphasis on the very highest quality, reliability, & simplicity.

Born in the Florida Keys, Coastal Source is the brainchild of the D’Ascanio brothers, Tony, Franco and Amedeo. Their company, D’Asign Source, designs and builds waterfront estate properties.

With more than 50 years of experience the D’Ascanio brothers have had countless encounters with products boasting lifetime warranties and claiming to be rust-proof, marine quality and 100% corrosion resistant, yet deteriorated in the harsh, coastal environment. Often quickly. Starting in the 1970’s they began to design and manufacture truly weather-proof outdoor speakers and audio systems.


After years of extensive research, design, building and testing the brothers finally had the technology and methodology necessary to produce a full line of truly coastal quality products.

2011 marks the year Coastal Source finally opens to the public. Our comprehensive line of products includes light fixtures, ceiling fans, door hardware, outdoor cooking and audio video entertainment components. These truly coastal quality products are available through dedicated specialty stores, on the web, and through catalogs. In the near future Coastal Source will offer consulting and certification programs for electricians, suppliers and contractors.