Datasat Becomes a Member of Azione Unlimited

Datasat Digital Entertainment, a leader in the world of digital cinema and home theater audio processors, has joined Azione Unlimited, the educational/buying group for integrators and custom retailers.

For over 20 years, Datasat has been a pioneer in the development of digital audio for the cinema industry, delivering high quality, immersive digital surround sound to theaters worldwide. Now they are bringing the same innovative, professional digital audio processing technology into home cinema.

Azione Unlimited’s goal for 2014 is to elevate our dealers’ sales of more expensive, high performance gear. The AU vendor line-up is an exclusive cadre of best in class manufacturers. Another founding concept is to have only a limited number of complementary vendors capping around 40 total vendors. Any more than this would dilute the focus.

“Selling processors at $20,000 each really gets my juices flowing” notes Richard Glikes, President of Azione. “We want to generate gross profit dollars extraordinaire. Datasat is leading edge and extremely profitable. This is an awesome addition to our family.”

RS20i Delivers a New Dimension in Surround Sound Excellence

Chris Neumann, Senior VP of Sales, adds, “Not only do we manufacture the best audio processor on the planet; it’s also the most reliable, flexible and powerful piece available in the consumer market. We are very proud that the Datasat RS20i has been recognized within our industry as the benchmark in the category, and are looking forward to working with Azione Unlimited’s dealer partners to continue growing Datasat’s leading position in the market.”

Datasat Digital Entertainment (formerly DTS Digital Cinema) is the leader in digital audio technologies for high end home audio and professional cinemas. Pioneering digital audio in professional cinema since 1993 Datasat has provided cutting edge and forward thinking technologies for the last 20 years featuring global distribution, engineering and support headquartered in Los Angeles and London.

Today, Datasat Digital Sound is featured on every major Hollywood theatrical release and Datasat equipment has been installed at the heart of over 30,000 cinemas worldwide.

Datasat products and technologies have been chosen as the reference standard for high end two channel music, multi channel music and multi channel movie soundtrack digital audio products.

Datasat provides quality, reliable, flexible and feature rich products for a true listening experience.

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