Employee Recruitment Tools, New Websites, and Sales Training Services Offered to Azione Unlimited Members

Azione Unlimited (AU), the education and buying group for custom retailers and integrators, presented its members with details on a bevy of new service assistance programs on the final day of their Spring conference.

23K Studios Develops Unique Website Solution for Azione Members

Tom King, President of 23K Studios and the Azione Unlimited advertising agency, demonstrated sleek and dynamic websites that can be fully functional in less than two weeks and for under $4,000.00.

23K Studios Advertising Agency

“Because we know this market so well, it was easy to build a website platform that combines a robust user experience with the ability to customize each website to the unique needs of each retailer/custom integrator.

With this price point and rapid deployment, it should be a no brainer for members.”

Training Allies Creates Employee Recruitment Tools & Sales Training Modules

Dave Chace, President of Training Allies, showed dealer and vendor members the first of a series of selling skills modules titled “Qualifying Like a Pro”. Mr. Chace commented, “This first training module was very well received, and the overwhelming consensus among the Azione members is that these modules will help the dealers land more business, and close bigger deals. We are delighted at the response to this initiative, and look forward to our continuing role in elevating the success of the group.”

Additionally, Azione presented its members with two methods of recruiting qualified, dependable talent. “Our dealers’ number one problem is hiring good people. They are too busy and with that in mind we have given them a tool that will target ex-military people to fill the vacancies.” Additionally, as a rule, their websites need a facelift if not reincarnation. Tom King and his team have developed beautiful websites that can be deployed quickly and economically.

Finally, we asked our members, both dealer and vendor, about other weaknesses with the response being the general lack of good sales training. To that end, we introduced the first in a series of web-based sales training modules developed by the industry’s best training company, Training Allies. Azione Unlimited believes that vendor programs are not enough and that a full complement of services makes our members stronger and more profitable.

Azione also offers additional services to its members, including discount payroll/insurance/HR services through ADP, consumer financing with GE, credit card services, warranty programs with Warrantech, and SEO with Netsertive. “It is our job to make our member’s lives easier. Our Slate of Services package fits that bill,” comments Glikes.

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Tom King may be contacted at:
23K Studios
232 Conestoga Road
Wayne, PA 19087

Dave Chace may be contacted at:
Training Allies
939 Mesa Lane
Collegeville, PA 19426

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