Azione Unlimited Theme for 2014 – “Elevate”

Azione Unlimited (AU), the education and buying group for custom retailers and integrators, invokes a word to describe the tasks it would like to achieve in the upcoming year. Last year the word was “Confluence” with the group, dealers, and vendors all coming together as its’ central thrust. The mantra for this coming year is Elevate.

There are four points of focus:

  1. Raising labor prices and efficiencies
  2. Selling more expensive brands and models within these brands
  3. Improving the level of salesmanship
  4. Implementation of best practices that six committees are developing
Elevate in 2014


2014, A New Slate to Elevate

Richard Glikes said, “I’m a firm believer in goals. We’re going to elevate our game. These will be accomplished through the cooperation of our smart dealer members and dedicated vendor members. The result will be that the bottom line will Elevate! That’s a very good thing.”

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