How to Use Apple to Make Money – an Exclusive Azione Unlimited CE Expert Discussion Video

Roundtable August 7, 2012 – Azione Unlimited, has released its third and final You Tube video clip from its inaugural national conference which was held in St. Louis July 24-26. The discussion, based on the topic “Apple is Low Margin – How to Use Apple to Make Money” was a thought provoking round table in which 80 dealers and vendors participated. MCS Performance Group captured the following discussion on video.

Watch the Exclusive ‘How to use Apple to Make Money’ Video

Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited, commented “Apple is a machine! Sharing ideas on low margin products to turn them into profit generators is what dealers want to learn. Enhancing the bottom line is our number one goal. We are continually adding dealers who want to improve their business and network. A buying group may initially attract dealers because of the extra discounts, but the real and true value comes from sharing ideas with like-minded business people.”

Richard Glikes may be contacted at:
Azione Unlimited
35 S. High Street 2nd Floor
West Chester, PA 19380

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