Elan and Sunfire Join Azione Unlimited

Azione Unlimited (AU), the buying group for integrators and custom retailers, announced today the addition of two new vendor members, Elan and Sunfire. The group has an extremely focused line up to include the likes of Integra, Monitor Audio, Sonance, Liberty, Harman, URC, JL, Epson, and Digital Projection. In all, 30 vendors have joined the organization. The vision of the group is to become a market unto itself with a tight vendor list, the top dealers in the country, and copious meeting to share ideas and build teamwork.

Paul Starkey, President of ELAN Home Systems, remarks, “AZIONE is our first Buying Group experience for ELAN, we are excited about the fresh approach it brings and the opportunity to
work with the next generation of influential dealers in the CI space.”

“Azione’s approach to the market, their brand mix, the quality of dealers they are signing up and the support services they have planned is a natural fit for Sunfire.” Stated, Mark Weisenberg, Managing Director, Sunfire. “The overall value proposition for Sunfire’s line-up is stronger than it’s been in a decade. The timing for all involved couldn’t be better.”

Richard Glikes

Richard Glikes, President and CCO of AU, commented, “Elan and Sunfire compliment our existing brands and the profit potential for our members make these products an absolute victory. The Elan g! has an elegant remote, wonderful apps, and profit without compare. Margin pays the bills. The combination of style, ease of programming, and profitability make the g! a unique control solution.”

“I’ve worked with Mark Weisenberg, Managing Director of Sunfire, before,” remarked Mr. Glikes. “He has a tiger by the tail with Sunfire. These subs rock and the landscape changed dramatically with market changes from a competitor. Add the margin enhancement that our group brings and everyone wins!”

Richard Glikes can be contacted at:
Azione Unlimited
35 S. High Street 2nd Floor
West Chester, PA 19380

Paul Starkey can be contacted at:
ELAN Home Systems
1969 Kellogg Avenue
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Mark Weisenberg can be contacted at:
1300 East New Circle Road, Suite 150
Lexington, KY 40505

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