New Solutions for The Intelligent Home

Ready. Get Set. GROW with ELAN in 2020

Are you delivering the most intelligent home? Now you can. Peruse ELAN’s newest solutions, which are already empowering growth for our valued partners.

Clients Have Lots to Protect – Are They Getting the Best in Surveillance?
One Click. You see it all. ELAN is always looking out for you. In January, ELAN announced a full range of new surveillance cameras, an 8-channel NVR, and compatible accessories – that together raise the bar for premium security. Maximized for install convenience and customer satisfaction, this new lineup delivers unique advanced IntelliVision® analytics, fast auto-configuration capabilities and multiple form factors to suit every project you encounter.

ELAN 8.4 Software Delivers Next Gen Features
ELAN next generation enhancements come to life with the new 8.4 Software that offers new features, enhancements and usability updates … 14 new themes, advanced color selector and more! The new Theme Editor brings user-accessible Varicons™ – ELAN icons that users can customize, such as changing accent colors to match home décor or corporate brands. Users can personalize nav scheme, font, button styles, button colors and beyond. These features make 8.4 the best-ever software for completely personalizing ELAN intelligent control systems.

Provide Better, Faster Service – From Anywhere!
Just released in January, the ELAN Management Cloud is ready to help transform the way you do business. This comprehensive new cloud-based tool offers real time monitoring and reporting, remote management, automated troubleshooting, and issue resolution from a single management point so you can actively improve your customers’ intelligent home and business experiences.

New ELAN IP-Enabled Digital Amp Announced!
The new ELAN 8-Channel, a new IP-enabled Digital Amp (EL-IPD-8CH-MTX), when used in stand-alone mode, delivers truly superior audio quality and can support up to 13 input sources including a doorbell input from an ELAN System Controller. Key features include:

  • 8 speaker channels available for up to 4 stereo or 8 mono zones
  • Delivers superior-quality audio at up to 100WPC
  • 4 line-level outputs for up to 4 mono or 2 stereo output zones or as subwoofer out
  • Lip sync, individual EQ and loudness control can be applied to each zone
  • Shipping this month!

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