Versatile, High-Performance Architectural Speakers You Won’t See

Meet James Loudspeaker, our Gold Vendor Member of the Month

James Loudspeaker High Output Small Aperture® model – 853SAQ-9-BA  
Unlike anything you have seen or heard, James Loudspeaker has raised industry standards once again. The James Small Aperture® ceiling/in-wall speakers have a 9.5” round or 7” x 7” square sound aperture, yet pack in a full 3-way system for deep bass and wide frequency response. It includes a mini 8” PowerPipe subwoofer, 5.25” midrange, and ¾” dome tweeter in quad array for wide 30Hz to 20kHz response. A demo will be available at Azione’s Spring Conference in FL. Learn More

James Loudspeaker Powered Soundbars
The James Loudspeaker powered SoundBar series beautifully integrates a built-in amplifier into the center of the SoundBar. A complete audio solution is hidden into a customizable soundbar creating an attractive, design-friendly solution that architects, designers, and homeowners will love. Connect via HDMI-ARC, IR or Bluetooth for a pure audio performance that will complete your home entertainment system perfectly. Learn More

James Loudspeaker Outdoor Landscape Systems
James Loudspeaker invented the outdoor landscape system in 2005, creating a new market for speakers and satisfying the growing demand for high-quality outdoor audio. Everything from Under-Eave speakers, to our signature All-Terrain series, and even our Sub-Terranean direct burial subwoofers among many others, we have all the ingredients to provide you with a well-balanced landscape audio system. Learn More

The Hidden Subwoofer – PowerPipe Subwoofers
PowerPipe subwoofers solve an age-old problem; how to fill a space with rich, detailed bass frequencies without interfering with décor. With that hurdle in mind, the engineers at James Loudspeaker created the world’s first and finest disappearing subwoofer. The PowerPipe utilizes a flexible tube to move bass energy from a hidden location into the listening space through a visually unassuming grille. The flexible tube is routed from the enclosure to the chosen port option. Custom port options can be configured in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors. Learn More

Mason Box for Outdoor Systems
Landscape systems are popular, and James Loudspeaker outdoor or marine speakers can be installed in a stone or rock wall. To facilitate ease of installation, and service if ever required, James produces custom mason boxes. Since each wall installation can have uniquely different construction (all rock, cinder block/rock veneer, etc.), and a uniquely different required appearance (flush, oversize proud grille, etc.) all mason boxes are designed to order. Installation examples are available via the link below. Learn More.

James Loudspeaker® designs and manufactures high-performance speakers for residential and commercial applications. James offers a vast array of architectural speakers along with custom solutions that minimize visual presence while delivering the finest sound quality for indoor, outdoor and marine audio systems. Engineered and manufactured in the US since 1999, James Loudspeaker products are sold and installed through the finest custom integration specialists worldwide. Learn More

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