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News from AudioQuest, our Gold Vendor Member of the Month

Electronic Concepts: Selling Awesome Toys and Loving It
In a recent AudioQuest case study, ECNY’s Paul Bochner explains how AudioQuest’s diverse product line, unrivaled dedication to performance, and enduring emphasis on value perfectly complement his store’s vision and goals. “We only use AQ in our racks—even on the smallest jobs,” he says. “It’s a superior product and [compared against other familiar brands], the cost difference is minimal. It’s not hard to convince a client to spend 2% more on their project for a name brand.” Click here to read the case study

AudioQuest Niagara 3000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System
The Niagara 3000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System redefines the art and science of AC power conditioning. Carefully optimized for the most effective dissipation of noise, while boasting a 55 amps peak transient current reservoir, the Niagara 3000 features 15-amp (RMS) capacity, AudioQuest’s patented Ground Noise-Dissipation System, Transient Power Correction, Level-X linear filtering, and more—all at an accessible price. The 3000’s 2-RU rack-friendly dimensions (17.5” W x 3.45” H x 15.2” D; 24.9lbs) make it a high-performance, cost-effective option for both audiophile and CI applications. Seven NRG-Series outlets (two High-Current, five Level-X Linear-Filtered) included. Learn More. 

Go the Distance with AudioQuest’s Cherry Cola Active Optical HDMI Cable
AudioQuest’s Cherry Cola HDMI cable uses a newly developed electro-optical conversion module and four glass-fiber optical conductors to reliably pass 4K/8K Ultra HD and HDR for distances up to 100ft/30.5m. Sophisticated shielding and directionally controlled conductors counteract RF interference, ensuring a fully immersive entertainment experience. UL-CMP/FT-6 Certified for Plenum & In-Wall. Learn more.

AudioQuest PowerQuest AC Power Filters with Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection
Unlike other similarly priced surge protectors, PowerQuest devices feature set-and-forget non-sacrificial surge protection, which never fails and will never require replacement. Featuring 7ft AudioQuest power cords, application-optimized (8K/4K, High-Current, Linear-Filtered) outlets, signal-line protection, USB charging ports, AudioQuest’s advanced filtration to remove more noise and distortion, and a slim, compact enclosure, PowerQuest AC power filters easily accommodate a wide range of components and lifestyles. Place them in a rack, stand them upright on the floor, or mount them on a wall. With PowerQuest, all audio/video enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of clean, uncompressed AC power. Learn more here.


About: AudioQuest’s founder and chief designer, William E. Low (Bill), sees AudioQuest as a company that develops tools for enhancing the in-home experience of audio and video entertainment. Be it a speaker cable, HDMI cable or a portable digital audio product, AudioQuest’s varied offerings provide value and performance to the retailer and enthusiastic consumer alike.

AudioQuest has been the most significant cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. With its offerings sold in several thousand outlets in over sixty countries, AudioQuest focuses on delivering excellent value and performance in every product the company develops.

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