AudioControl “Truly Eye-Opening” Tour Hosts Over 50 Azione Unlimited Members

Chester Springs, PA – (October 23, 2019) – Presenting a powerful finish for Azione Unlimited’s Fall conference, AudioControl hosted more than 50 dealer-members for a profound and compelling factory tour at their headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The exclusive factory tour was organized by CEO Alex Camara and Vice President of Sales & Marketing Chris Kane, introducing Azione Unlimited members to the processes, history, and philosophy behind the success of AudioControl.

“We were blown away that more than 50 integration companies from Azione Unlimited were so eager to spend time with us after the conference,” said Camara. “This tour has made a massive impact on our team because we are proud to share our values with a group of dealers who understand us at the core. There is an enormous amount of pride in our work and that is only reinforced by working collectively with the Azione Unlimited organization.” 

The tour started with a presentation from Camara, demonstrating how the 40-year-old company is celebrating with an evolved logo that reflects a commitment to a high-caliber product line. He explained how the 50-person (and growing) staff researches, develops, creates, and deploys all of their receivers, extenders, and amplifiers solely in America. Camara then explained the extended process to carefully add select products to the market when they serve a need and reflect the core values of the company.

“We believe strongly in underwriting tours because of the immense value it brings to the organization,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “When the dealer can touch a product, interact with people, and immerse in a philosophy – the result is a catapult in new business for everyone involved. AudioControl provided the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with a number of our dealers and the result has been positively electric.”

The message from Camara has resonated with dealers, giving a unique perspective on how AudioControl products are manufactured. Dealers were able to interact with chief engineers, learning about the nuances of the audio hardware that has made a substantial impact to grow profit for Azione Unlimited members. The tour also previewed the new training facility that will enable AudioControl to provide dealers with the tools needed to be successful as new products are unveiled.

The results solidify a long-lasting relationship between Azione dealers and AudioControl, as both organizations continue to grow together.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and came away extremely impressed with your operation and team,” said J.W. Anderson, President of The Integrated Home in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We have committed ourselves to finding avenues for The Integrated Home and AudioControl to do more business together in the future.”

“One of the best tours in my 60 years as a dealer and the dinner was absolutely fantastic,” noted Clarence Hermary, Owner of Hermary’s in San Francisco, California.

“This tour was truly eye-opening to see what goes into every product,” said Clint Bright, president of WAVE Designs in Seattle. “I think these tours are very beneficial to the enthusiasm that we walk away with and it overflows into our sales and talking points with clients.”

The tour concluded with an enchanting evening at local Seattle restaurant La Spiga, offering Azione Unlimited staff and dealers to interact intimately with the AudioControl team.

“The factory tour gave us an opportunity to showcase all of the critical phases of design, engineering, and manufacturing that are so important to the outstanding quality of our products,” said Camara. “It is important to us that the dealers had an opportunity to see our US-based factory in action along with all of the support services teams that help differentiate AudioControl from other brands.”

“Azione member dealers are important to AudioControl and we are very grateful that so many took the time to see our facility in Seattle,” he added.

About Azione Unlimited

Azione Unlimited, the education and buying group for integrators, is a consortium of like-minded custom installers, home technology professionals, and vendors. The organization helps its members achieve greater levels of prosperity, technical acumen, and sophistication in running their businesses and serving customers. Founded by industry veteran Richard Glikes and headquartered in Chester Springs, PA, the organization hosts two high-energy, information-packed conferences per year, Azione provides its members with a host of benefits, from product discounts to educational meetings and marketing tool.  Learn more at Follow @AzioneUnlimited on Instagram, Facebook  and Twitter.

About AudioControl 

AudioControl is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative high-performance audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets since 1977. Based in Seattle, WA, AudioControl offers premium quality home theater and whole-house entertainment products, distributed audio amplifiers for commercial applications and a legacy of outstanding car audio processors, amplifiers and OEM interface solutions sold and installed worldwide by qualified professionals. For more information visit  or contact AudioControl at +1 425-775-8461 or e-mail

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