Azione Unlimited Canadian Expansion Marks First U.S. Buying Group to Offer Services Beyond the Border

Chester Springs, PA – (June 24, 2019) – Azione Unlimited has ventured north of the border to Canada, aggressively capturing the association’s aptitude to evolve as the most captive network of dealers in North America. The goals set out by the group will create Canadian-specific vendor programs while bolstering a broader support network for all members of the group. The concept was also encouraged by current American vendor-members who are looking to expand into the new markets.

This will also mark the first time a United States-based buying group will formally approach the Canadian market.

“Azione Unlimited excels at being an association that has mastered the art of idea sharing and the science of strong vendor programs – and we intend to maintain that reputation as approach the Canadian market,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited. “But what I think really makes this a prospering partnership is a mutual benefit from both parties. Canadian dealers will welcome an abundance of business guidance, networking opportunities, and growth potential. Additionally, both our dealer and vendor members can work with a brand new audience of top-tier members to spark new ideas. It’s simply a win-win.”

Creating the Captive Network
The goal of Azione Unlimited has always been to adopt a captive network of dealers that can take a new market technology and implement it immediately. In turn, this provides better results for clients looking to stay on the cutting-edge while making the association’s members a top-tier choice in their respective market. Welcoming in a new collection of Canadian dealers further drives home that point by adding an entirely distinct connection of custom integrators, dealers, and retailers to the mix.

“Azione Unlimited has always surrounded itself with smart people, and these Canadian dealers will be no exception,” said Glikes. “We are using distinct criteria to identify not only who would be a good fit but will further cover the entire Canadian market. It’s not just about adding any dealer; it’s about how the group dynamic can continue to prosper by sharing ideas and best business practices.”

Manufacturing a Northern Legacy
Built on the concept of being an idea consortium, Azione Unlimited plans to connect Canadian dealers with their American counterparts, tapping into a wealth of fresh ideas and business tactics. By uniting a substantial portion of the top-tier residential integrators in Canada, the group immediately bolsters its marketing, sales, and business acumen to all its members. This enables the association to remain the authoritative voice of the industry, giving representation to North America’s most reputable dealers.

The multi-staged effort will begin by locating premier Canadian dealers and revamping current vendor programs to complement market presence.
Current Azione vendor-members have not only urged Glikes to court Canadian dealers, but they have also worked to create specific programs that better reflect the growing market. Azione Unlimited is also working with its vendor-members to indicate who would qualify to join the group based on revenue growth, lines carried, and influence in their market.

“Azione Unlimited’s strength has always been in smart people sharing smarter ideas,” said Patrick McCarthy, Azione Unlimited Director of New Business and Member Services. “Adding a wealth of knowledge from an otherwise untapped knowledge source in Canada gives our group a tremendous advantage. We are injecting an entirely new vertical into our business, all to the benefit of our dealers and vendors.”

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