Meet January’s Gold Vendor

News from our Gold Vendor Member of the Month

ELAN Launches New Speaker Line
ELAN® is shipping its highly anticipated new speaker line, exclusive to ELAN dealers: fifteen in-ceiling and in-wall models, from the entry level 400 Series to the hi-performance of the 800 Series. Learn more at Talk with your ELAN sales representative about outfitting your showroom now.

Surveillance with Seamless Integration
ELAN Surveillance delivers exceptionally seamless integration, with full control of both the NVR and cameras from within the ELAN user interface. Your customer no longer needs to switch between the control app and their surveillance app. No other surveillance system can match this level of control integration. Click to Learn More 

ELAN Enters the Face-Recognition Realm
Face-recognition technology was the focus of Nortek Security & Control’s CES outpost. Debuting in Q2, as applied to ELAN control systems, the IntelliVision facial recognition system can be used to control music, lighting, temperature, security and yes, even your sprinkler system. Click to Learn More 

ELAN Software Update
The new ELAN 8.3 software has just been released with the latest enhancements to your installed ELAN systems. ELAN 8.3 adds major updates for ELAN Surveillance, updates to the video tab, enhanced new weather service and new weather icons, Configurator Device Status support, 2GIG Vario support, Pentair IntelliCenter support, AVR refresh, plus several performance improvements and fixes.

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