Azione Recaps Their Fall Conference and Adds 10 New Dealers, Now 175 Total!

Azione Veridic VistasAzione Unlimited (AU), the business networking, educational, and integrator focused buying group, is pleased to announce that ten smart dealers have joined the organization.  Azione Unlimited’s membership now totals 175 dealers. The newest member to join was compelled to join Azione after experiencing one day of the Azione Fall Conference, “Veridic Vista”, as a guest last week in Las Vegas, NV.

Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited, said, “There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a dealer, who is a guest at your conference, hand you his credit card at the event and say ‘I’m in. Sign me up!’ It is thrilling and immensely rewarding to have such an on-the-spot affirmation of the conference’s value. At the conference we:

  • Created a roadmap for how to implement recurring revenue into our dealers’ businesses
  • Demonstrated a new model for selling clients using virtual reality
  • Had dealers share ideas on: leasing cameras, how to generate sales through client parties, how to dispel client objections to TV pricing, and much more
  • Fostered dealer/vendor one-on-ones
  • Conducted a discussion on “Where will the CE Industry be in five years?’ with an esteemed panel of industry experts Vin Bruno, CEDIA; Frank Sterns, Sony; Angie Larson, Savant; Hagai Feiner, Access Networks; and Tim Costello, BDX.
  • Explored the ways to increase their company’s value and the possibility of an exit strategy
  • Learned about the “She Economy” and selling to women
  • Experienced fun filled cocktail parties and dinners at two cool restaurants
  • Made life-long friends and business associates

“At our free conferences, we strive to provide the knowledge, tools, contacts, and pathways that will propel our members to achieve greater success in their businesses. When we receive enthusiastic responses from members, and in this case from a guest, we know we are on the right track!”

The ten new dealers include:

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