Azione Unlimited Celebrates Its Four Year Anniversary

Azione Unlimited (AU), the education and buying group for integrators, celebrates its four year anniversary this month.  Azione was launched in February of 2012 and since its inception, has experienced substantial growth. In just four years, the membership has grown to 142 dealer members and 40 vendor members, which puts Azione well on its way to achieving one of its stated goals, acquiring 250 dealer members. In addition to membership growth, the group reports over 475 million dollars in combined dealer sales, a 45% increase in the last year.

Azione hosts two educational conferences per year which are free to members. These fast paced conferences are packed full of information tailored to the custom integrator.  The agenda is designed to promote and encourage the sharing of ideas and best practices among members.  Guest speakers provide valuable insight on trends and challenges in the CE industry. To date, Azione has hosted these eight, three-day conferences, and the next is scheduled in April 15-17, 2016:

  • “Building the Foundation”, St. Louis, MO in April 2012
  • “Sharing Symposium”, Houston, TX in November 2012
  • “Confluence Conference”, St. Louis, MO, April 2013
  • “Fall Fete”, New Orleans, LA in September 2013
  • “Vis-à-vis in Vegas”, Las Vegas, NV in March 2014
  • “The Arrant Affair”, Austin, TX in October 2014
  • “Spring Soiree”, Nashville, TN in March 2015
  • “Networking in New Orleans”, New Orleans, LA in September 2015
  • “Assimilation in Arizona”, Chandler, AZ in April 2016

Azione has announced its goals and initiatives for 2016.  They used an acronym which spells “S*U*C*C*E*S*S”. The group has delivered on some exciting new initiatives and has several new ones in the pipeline slated for this year, adding to the benefit package of membership.  They include: discounted healthcare plan, a new comprehensive customized software platform, and a multi-faceted marketing initiative.

“It was touch and go in the beginning with lots of praying and anguish which I assume happens in all new businesses. It is exhilarating to deliver growth to vendors and dealers, and likewise additional profits. Thanks are in order to the vendors who bet on us and dealers who took a chance. We came to the market with simple concepts like Share, Trust, Prosper and it is working and working well!’
– Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited

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