Séura Outdoor TVs


Séura Outdoor TVs

Séura Outdoor TVs look amazing. Backed by the best warranty, they outperform other options with the biggest, brightest, best-looking and best-sounding Outdoor TVs in the industry, Plus, don’t even think about comparing Séura Outdoor TVs to a typical indoor TV.


THE LARGEST AND SLEEKEST. Séura’s full line of beautiful Outdoor TVs and Soundbars lend a modern aesthetic to any outdoor space. With screens as large as 86 inches and soundbars that perfectly fit every model, Séura Outdoor TVs are bigger and better than ever.


THE BEST PICTURE QUALITY: Uniquely calibrated both for shaded and full sun applications, Séura Outdoor TVs are the brightest in their class. Every Séura Outdoor TV boasts beautifully vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology.


THE BEST SOUND SOLUTIONS. Séura audio engineers designed the full line of Outdoor Soundbars with up to three times the power of the competition’s TV-powered speakers. For a premium sound experiencem upgrade to the 60W RMS 2-Channel Bluetooth Enabled Soundbar.


THE BEST WARRANTY. Built to the highest quality standards, Séura stands behind every product we build. Unlike the competition’s 1-year waaranty, Séura’s 2-year warranty offers twice the peace of mind.

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