Azione Dealer Member Spotlight


Hometronics was founded in 1986 and employs 10 professionals. Greg Margolis, President and Bryan Cruikshank, Vice President describe their experiences in the CE business and as members of Azione Unlimited.

Business Philosophy

Hometronics’ philosophy is to think like our clients. Don’t be afraid to ask them to spend money, and always be a good steward of the money you are asking them to spend. Show and give clients unique and high-end solutions they have never experienced.

Hometronics Company History

hometronics-spotlightI decided to start a company out of college in the middle of a recession in an industry no one was familiar with, home automation. Looking back, probably not the best idea at the time, but what did I know? I was fresh out of school and really didn’t know any better. Marketing to builders and architects, we gradually started getting projects. Clients inquired over the course of our first three years about audio systems. My standard reply was “sorry, we don’t do audio”, until finally I got one inquiry and I, for some reason, said, “Yes, we do”. Timing was right.

I attended summer CES in Chicago to look for a unique house audio solutions and happened to come Audio Access, (which at the time was a new and very sophisticated multi room audio system.) I attended their first dealer training along with other people who helped create CEDIA. Our audio business started growing from there. Shortly after, we delved into home theater with Runco and some no name surround processor, (pre Dolby pro logic era), evolving our systems as technology improved.

We worked closely with manufactures beta testing new technology, which kept us at the forefront of products coming out, long before competition, which enabled us to get through the learning curve early, as opposed to later with the rest of the industry. (Something we still do today.) Audio took off. Home automation, though a passion, fledged until the industry and consumer awareness caught up, which only in the last decade has really come full circle. Now both are mainstream. Sometimes challenging, but still fun. I got into this to start a business, but created a hobby. Not a bad way to go.


Favorite Reason for Being an AU Member

We have been introduced to some great people on sharing ideas with, networking with other integrators and manufacturing partners is insightful and enjoyable. The introduction of products and services, which I am now using, if not for AU.

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